Sunday, May 31, 2015

Financial Planning Weekend Update - May 31, 2015

Sorry for the delay in posting. We spent Friday and Saturday staying up way too late at the First Annual Philadelphia Burlesque Festival

Well, that was another blah week. Markets were closed on Monday, the S&P flopped to 2100 on Tuesday, closing at about 2104. Wednesday was OK with a pop to 2125, but Thursday and Friday drifted down, down, down to close at 2107.

So for the period to date the portfolio is showing a loss on cost of just $536 - not bad considering how miserable the week was. The only real bright spot was MRK which announced some good results involving their Keytruda drug at the ASCO conference on Friday.

So all in all, the week was pretty much a wash. And that is pretty much what I'd like to see as an income investor. True, I'd like to see more positions closer to  "in the money" and  who knows when F, PG, and COP will come back to life...

Those three are great illustrations of the danger of just slamming into "full" positions all at once. I have to learn to look more deeply into current valuations and look ahead when companies I'm interested in might be subject to as stronger dollar or other market forces.

More on that next week!

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