Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Financial Planning: Options Monday - May 18, 2015

This morning I opened my MRK position of 600 shares at $60.27 and sold 6 June 61 calls at $0.61, I added 100 shares of GE and sold 14 June 27.50 calls at $0.32. In addition I sold 7 VZ June 50s at $0.53, 6 ED 62.50s at $0.45.

PG, COP, and of course F remain "uncovered". Even with 3 positions "idle" this month I still collected $3141.00 in options premium, at a cost of $162.15 in commission. I'll also collect $1182.00 in dividends for a net income of $4160.85. The portfolio now has an average monthly gain of 2.07% or 27.61% annualized.

Finally, my current cash position stands at $13,079.30, about a third of what I want it to be.

Note: This post is 12 hours late due to a Verizon internet outage in our area last night.

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