Saturday, May 23, 2015

Financial Planning Weekend Update - May 23, 2015

This has been a pretty much nothing week. After a nice pop on Monday The S&P 500 simply bounced up and down in a range between 2124 to 2132 (with a brief peak at 2134 mid-afternoon Wednesday). The biggest excitement occurred Thursday morning when a rumor circulated that Trian Partners might have taken a position in EMR causing the price to spike to $62.15. Even with that bump, the portfolio is sagging and Friday saw declines in every position. That's not too surprising with a long weekend coming up (USA Memorial Day on May 25) nobody really wants to be too long and get surprised Tuesday morning.

There was some Fed interest rate non-news pretty much confirming that "lift off" would begin late this year. Fortunately there was no "taper tantrum" this time.

Even with the declines in most of my positions the portfolio as a whole is generating an annualized return of 24.95%, I've increased my holdings of MO and GE by 100 shares each and as you saw on Monday my cash position is just over $13,000, about a third of the way to my $40,000 goal. Once that goal is reached monthly premium and dividends will be used to expand positions or start new ones.

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