Sunday, June 28, 2015

Financial Planning Weekend Update - June 27, 2015

All the good news out of the Supreme Court had no effect on the markets this week as concerns about the pissing contest between Greece and Germany washed out my positions. That's sort of good news, since I had taken a chance on Monday writing calls at strikes below my cost basis. On the other hand the Greek Parliament voted overwhelmingly to hold a referendum on how Greece should act on July 5. As a result I suspect the markets will continue to drift until then.

By now it should be obvious that "austerity" always fails. IMHO, Germany and the rest of Europe should remember the Marshall Plan.

Whenever I need to cheer myself up I just look at this part of my spreadsheet:

Even in a month where everything seems to be pointed down I was still in a position to pull in more than $4000 in dividends and options premium. As long as Beth is still working we only need her salary plus about another $1200 to maintain our lifestyle. Although the potential capital losses are somewhat annoying they're not particularly damaging; it's only about -3%.

On a more positive note F is starting to show some life and GE seems to have settled in to a very narrow range as it sells off the various parts of GE Capital.

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