Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Moving Along!

Since I'm getting frighteningly close to actual retirement this blog is going to become much more wide-ranging. Basically, I'll be including posts that would have previously gone into El Bulli At Home or Sapere Aude Incipe! Why? This is the retirement blog, I'll be retired, and pretty much everything I do will be viewed through that lens.

You may have noticed that I've also stopped posting my IRA activities. Those can now be found on Seeking Alpha, a crowd sourced financial website that's I've found of great value in focusing my investment activities.

Some of the regular writers I've especially helpful include:

Richard Berger, who uses the same option techniques I do to enhance income.

Chuck Carnevale who writes insightful articles about locating value in the stock market

Brad Thomas, who writes extensively on REITs.

Chris DeMuth Jr., a very knowledgable writer whose opinion is always worth reading

David Fish, who maintains lists of the top dividend paying stocks that are absolutely indispensable

You can read can even read my articles if you want to!

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