Saturday, July 11, 2015

Financial Planning Weekend Update - July 11, 2015

That was a fairly horrifying week. But with all the excitement over Greece and China we're still in the long term trading range on the S&P.

Last week it looked like F was finally going to hold $15 but flopped back to the mid-14s. A couple positions are actually in the money. ED is in the money by $0.25 and MO by $1.31. We've got another week to go until expiration so who knows what will happen. As I did 2 months ago I'll buy back in the money calls.

GE will be announcing earnings on the 17th before the open (consensus EPS of $0.30 or $0.31 depending on who you believe) so that might have some effect on that position. The rest will report later in July or early August.

A big nothing week but at least another lesson in "don't commit everything at once". When I'm actually retired Beth will still be working so we won't need IRA income immediately. I'll have plenty of time to watch for entry points.

Last night the Greek Parliament approved Tsipras' deal with the EU so the  Greek business is off the table for a while. China seems to have settled down as well, so maybe we can get back to "real" data for a couple weeks as earnings come in.   

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